Worst ever cases of plastic surgery gone wrong

We seem to live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with what is considered ‘body perfection’. Glossy magazines and the media torture us with images of beautiful faces and perfect celebrity bodies. We sigh in despair as these demi-gods don’t seem to be getting older as 50 and 60 year old stars flaunt their line free faces.

Perfection seems impossible to achieve for all the normalites dunking their hobnobs into their cuppa, exhausted after a work filled week. I’m sure that many of us have sucked in our sagging cheeks and pulled back our brows to create a thrifty Croyden lift, or even pulled on a pair of eye watering Spanx, but how many of us are willing to go under the knife?

The decision to have plastic surgery may not be one to be taken light heatedly, but can be serious one, in boosting one’s self confidence.  If your decision to go under the knife has been made, look away as we examine the worst cases of plastic surgery ever!

Jocelyn Wilderstein


Jocelyn Wilderstein, is a known New York Socialite onced married to Alec Wilderstein, and famed  for her extravagant lifestyle and extensive plastic surgery. The media has nicknamed her the ‘Bride of Wilderstein’ due to her almost shocking cat like appearance.

Amanda Le Pore

amanda le pore

Amanda Le Pore is a known performance artist and model. She regulary stars in David LaChapelle’s photography exhibits, almost as his muse. She had full gender reassignment surgery in her early teens, and has always known she was a ‘woman trapped in a boys body’.  Her look is an exaggerated pin up and very much surgery induced.

Darren Lyons (Fake Abs)

darren lyons

Darren Lyons is an Australian media personality who has worked closely with key media organisations, having provided photographs for the ‘News of the World’, and the ‘Daily Mail’. Darren shocked the public when his body was exposed on a popular reality TV programme. His almost cartoon like abs were mocked for their ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ like appearance. He admitted travelling to Brazil to have muscle implant surgery.



Cat Man


Dennis Avner is a former U.S Navy veteran who is famous for his numerous operations that have changed his face into a cat. His operations include adding whiskers, tooth fillings, tatoos, and implants to his face. Avner descended from American Indians and felt he wanted to go with his Indian name ‘ Stalking Cat’.  The veteran felt it was important to blur the gender lines and transform himself into a tigress, in line with his Indian heritage. He was recently found dead of suspected suicide.

Joan Van Ark


Joan Van Ark, is an American actress known for her role in CBS’s Dallas as Valene Ewing. Her altered facial appearance has sparked rumours of extreme plastic surgery due to its leathery consistency. She has rumoured to have had several rhinoplasties and cheek implants, which has given her a drastic appearance.

Wayne Newton


Carson Wayne Newton, is an American entertainer and singer. He is a well known Las Vegas artist and has had big hits, with the most popular being ‘Years’ peaking at N0. 4 on U.S. billboard, in 1980. His frozen facial expressions, and tight face has suggested numerous facelifts, and fillers. The singer turned 72 this year.

Mickey Rourke


Mickey Rourke is an American actor, screenwriter and former boxer. His well known films include ‘Sin City’ and the ‘Expendables’.  His surgically enhanced apperance as hinted at many facelifts and augmentations. Mickey turned 63 in September.

Admittedly these stars have taken the aim of body perfection a little too far. Plastic surgery can however be a positive life changing decision, but one that should be made with careful planning and research for reputable clinics. The British Association of Aesthetic  Plastic surgeons (BAPPS) was established for the advancement of education and safety in plastic surgery for this very reason. Tatler also recently published a list of the best cosmetic surgeons UK, in their online beauty and cosmetic surgery guide to help those leaning towards surgery.–cosmeticsurgery-guide/2014

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