Woman dies after 30 days stuck in a lift

A repair company has been apprehended following the discovery of a deceased woman inside a lift in the north – western city of Xi’an.

The government from the Gaoling district reported that two worker’s from the maintenance company had turned off the power source in a residential building, after a repair call- out. They however, failed to check if anyone was inside before switching off the power.

The maintenance team returned on the 1st of March, a month later, to complete repairs upon which they discovered the dead women’s corpse. She was identified as one of the residents from within the building.

Authorities determined that the maintenance crew were responsible for her death by way of gross negligence and that a case of involuntary manslaughter would proceed.

China has had a history of inadequate health and safety regulations, with many workplaces continuing with little or no procedures in place.

A Chinese woman was killed last year when she was caught in a shopping centre escalator and when the metal platform callaposed. She was carrying her 2-year-old son at the time but threw him to safety.


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