Victoria Derbyshire shares her story about breast cancer

BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire has gone behind the scenes and gone public in what many have seen as an act of great courage.

According to Cancer research, over 50,000 diagnosis of breast cancer were made in 2011 alonedownload; further to this there were almost 12,000 deaths from the condition in 2012 sparking wide spread awareness campaigns for women up and down the country. As with all forms of cancer, early treatment is always best to prevent deterioration; thankfully, Victoria was one of these lucky individuals who was able to spot the condition and seek medical treatment at the early stages.

Diagnosed earlier this year with breast cancer, Victoria Derbyshire kept a video diary of her treatments, sharing her journey, even speaking about her mastectomy.

In an interview with the BBC, 5 days following her discharge from hospital, Derbyshire added that “Everyone who’s diagnosed with cancer, I’ve learned, has a different story, a different experience and a different way of approaching it. I, for what it’s worth, don’t feel like I’m battling cancer, I don’t feel that I’m fighting cancer, I am simply being treated for cancer,” she explained.

“The reason why I wanted to talk about what happened to me is because I’m a pretty open person, but also because more than one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime and here’s the thing – having cancer is manageable, it can be manageable. Having a mastectomy is totally doable. I didn’t know those things until I got cancer. And that’s what I want to tell people.

“I know everyone’s different when they’re diagnosed – every cancer is different, everyone has a different experience, but that’s mine and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you.”

Victoria’s story serves as an encouragement that it is possible to overcome the challenges of the condition, her bravery and openness will no doubt inspire many others that are in a similar position.

You can see the video diary in full by clicking here

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