Tyson Fury feared dirty tactics from Klitschkov team

The 27 year old ‘King of the Gypsies’ boxer beat Klitschkov in Dusseldorf in what looked like a shock defeat to become the new WBA, IBF, and WBO heavy weight champion of the world.

Fury claimed not to have been suprised by his victory and said that the defeat was ‘not a shock to him’.

Fury stated at a news conference, ‘Im not suprised or overwhelmed. It is not a shock for me”. He said “We always said what I would do and it came true. I have been telling everyone what would happen when I fought for Klitschkov. “My performance, out-boxing him, was better than knocking him out in two. I beat him in his own home. I am like a mongoose going into a cobra’s nest, taking all the eggs home with me.

He was quick to rebuke anyone slandering his performance adding those doing so were ‘plain jealous’.

Tyson said that he was reluctant to eat or drink anything offered to him from Klitschkov’s camp for fear of being drugged before the match and failing the drug test. He revealed that he had ‘good information’ that this was the case and implied that the Ukrainians team had tried to enforce deliberate cheating tactics to ensure a win.

The foam under the ring had to be changed after Fury’s people questioned the thickness. This came before numerous changes and suspicions from ill fitting gloves sent from the Ukrainians preferred manufacturor Paffen, to deliberately altering weighing scales, to adding platforms in his boots to throw off his weight.

The boxer reported to have been dehydrated after refusing to drink during 12 rounds, due to his suspicions.

Wladimir’s team could not be reached for comment.





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