Top 7 Worldwide Extreme Rollercoasters

Most Theme park visits are not normally complete unless you’ve typically braved the long queues to have a go on a rollercoaster. If like me the thought alone send’s your stomach into quease -inducing somersault’s, then this article may just be for your viewing pleasure only.

Wer’e highlighting the highest, tallest, fastest, and most death defying rollercoaster’s around the world for the most die-hard andrenaline junkie’s out there.

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


7.  Millennium Force: 4.5 times World’s Gravity G force and longest track in the U.S


This was at one point briefly one of the world’s tallest rollercoaster’s after being overtaken by some others on the list. Located on Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio, it currently holds the record for the longest rollercoaster in the U.S, with a steel track of 6,595ft.

The ride goes up to 93 mph, lasts 2 minutes, and 20 seconds, and can seat up to 16,000 riders an hour. At the tallest part of the ride, passengers drop 300ft to then go through two seperate dark tunnels with unbelievable 122 -degree turns that create frightening G-force.


6. Tower of Terror : Fastest, tallest, flat ride in the world


The Tower of Terror is located at DreamWorld, on the Gold coast of Australia, and  is currently the fourth fastest roller coaster in the world. The ‘Escape Pod’, the six tonne passenger vehicle is electronically powered and accelerate’s to 100 mph in 7 seconds. Riders are weightless for 6 seconds of the ride, going up and down, which then rotates up to 90 degrees on the vertical, pulling to almost 4 to 5 G-force.

It has sparked debate as to whether the ride is classed as a rollercoaster, as the construction of it means the pod goes up and down, although most agree it should go on the tallest and fastest rollercoaster rides lists.


5.  Thunder Dolphin : Tokyo



This ride based at Tokyo Dome’s City Attractions amusement park, features the world’s first Hubless Ferris wheel. Thunder Dolphin starts with a 218 -foot lunge, at a steep 80 degree angle. The track measures at 3,500 foot long, with speeds of 80mph, during a 26- story tall frame!

The Dolphin passes through a hole in the LaQua building as well as the Big – O. A blood- curdling ride, with a unique design.


4. Top Thrill Dragster : Rival to Kingda Ka


The Top thrill dragster based in Cedar point in Ohio is definitely a rival contender to the Kingda Ka. The circuit coaster, measures over a whopping 400 feet tall. It debuted in 2003, and can reach speeds of 120 miles per hour.

It currently hold’s records in 3 areas; for being the tallest, fastest and steepest until of course Kingda Ka, stole the crown.


3. Steel Dragon 2000 – World’s longest track

Steel Dragon 2000 6

The Steel Dragon Gigacoaster first opened at Nagashima Spa Land, in the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in 2000. It was built a couple of months after Millennium force and surpassed Cedar point’s rollercoaster as the world’s tallest complete circuit coaster.

The track measures a record breaking 8,133ft long, and still holds this record today. The ride never seems to end, and many have found to lose their voice with screams lasting longer than usual.


2. Dodonpa : World’s highest launch acceleration


Passengers have to wait in a darkened tunnel at the beginning of this ride at what seems to be a mind-messing moment from the start. The wait in the dark is a countdown to a ridiculously fast acceleration out of the tunnel, hurtling down the track and passing 2 humps at 90 degree drops on both sides.

In 2001 Dodonpa held the record for the fastest roller coaster ride in the world, it doesn’t currently hold the record for the fastest but still has the highest launch acceleration at 2.7g.It measures at 52 meters, and has a launch speed of 107mph, reaching speed in less than 2 seconds.  The ride is located at Fuji – Q Highland, in Japan, going down the side of a hill, round a hairpin curve, and going straight down again. A ‘hold onto your hair’ kind of ride.


1.Kingda Ka : Worlds tallest & Fastest Rollercoaster


At our number 1 Rollercoaster ride on the list, the Kingda Ka, at 28 seconds, seems short but is one helluva ride. This rollercoaster is located in Six Flags Great Adventure Park in New Jersey, USA,  and cost 25 million dollars to produce. It is currently classed as the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world.The train part of the rollercoaster is launched by a hydraulic launch mechanism to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.

At the end of this ride, the train climbs to the main tower reaching 139 meters. Kingda Ka opened in 2005 but has since been closed many times for technical differences, also being struck by lightening in early May 2009. The ultimate andrenaline dare devil ride. Do you dare?

Source :, Youtube


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