Tom Daley and THAT frying pan

It appears that Tom Daley may have broken the internet and it’s all because of a frying pan!

A traditional full English Breakfast will never be the same since Tom shared his latest kitchen accessory.

As we know, the combination of eggs, bacon, sausages, and beans hits that sweet spot when you’re in need of a real good breakfast, the only downside — ignoring the horrendously high calorie count — is that it can be a bit of a pain to cook all the varieties of delicious ingredients so that they’re ready at the same time.

But it looks like Tom has solved that problem!


Sunday morning saw the gold medal-winner share the breakfast he was cooking for his fiancé Dustin Black on Facebook, but what really captured people’s attentions, though, was the frying pan Daley was using.

Described as the “ultimate kitchen utensil” on The Fowndry’s website, the aptly name MasterPan All-In-One has five different compartments for maximum full English-based cooking happiness.

I think what Tom is thinking in his photo is, “you’re welcome”. Yes, thanks Tom!

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