Things to remember when you have an accident.

Whether it is on the way to work, or a major accident on a motorway a car accident can have major effects on your life. The shock of a car accident can create internal panic and often important things are forgotten. If you are in accident here are some important things to consider:

Try to keep calm
Acting from a place of panic can create conflict and stress which can make resolving the situation more difficult. Park in a safe area and be aware of other motorists.

Say nothing by the roadside.
Keep to the issue and try not to resolve who was at fault there and then. Accidents are stressful and it is better to exchange details and avoid getting into attributing blame.

If there is an injury call the police.
All accidents should be reported to the police. Sometimes for minor accidents people do not report them. By Law accidents have to be reported. In more serious accidents the police should attend the scene.

Take all the details of the people involved in the accident.
It’s important whether who is at fault to get all the details noted down, how many passengers, their names and vitally the details of the vehicle. It’s also vital to try to make a note of how the accident happens. Once you leave the location of the accident you memory may not be as clear.

Watch your health.
When an accident occurs your body goes into shock, sometimes injuries are not felt until you have calmed down. Check all the passengers for obvious injuries but importantly keep an eye on your health, sometimes injuries only become apparent the following day. If you do suffer any pain or injury you should seek advice from a Doctor or Hospital.

Leaving the scene.
Do not leave the scene until you have spoken and exchanged details with the other driver or drivers. It’s also important you check to see if you can drive the vehicle safely. If you are in any doubt call your breakdown provider or a local recovery company and they will take your car to a garage or to your home if there is minimal damage. If you don’t feel safe driving, don’t drive.

Keep driving forward.
Sometimes accidents can be a traumatic experience. It can be difficult to get behind the wheel again. Don’t be discouraged by the accident, but if you do feel nervous or worries about driving again, there are therapists who can help you overcome this. Seek out some advice.

If you have been involved in an car accident in the last three years as a driver or a passenger you may be entitled to compensation. If would like some help to review your accident and whether any compensation may be due, please complete the form below and a specialist will contact you to discuss your circumstances.

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