The Trending Toys for Christmas 2015

There are not many phrases that could put fear into a parent, but the words ‘there are only 6 Fridays until Christmas’, will no doubt put a spasm of panic even even the most organised of us all.

Its the time of the year when children are happily circling pages and pages of the Argos catalogue for their lists, whilst we remind our children that Santa does not have a never ending pot.

Cluelessley uneducated on the hot trending toys this Christmas? Be prepared to be thoroughly in the know as we highlight the top toys that are bound to be on almost every kids list this year.  Movies are dominating the toy industry with research suggesting that 90% of kids toy boxes are influenced by their favourite Movies and TV shows. Minions, Frozen, Thunderbirds and Lego are by far the most popular.

Jotter pad and long digits at the ready, bask in that warm satisfactory glow on Christmas morning as your children yelp with delight. Mum a’hem I mean Santa, sign deeply as you tuck into your well earned mince pie and port.

Thunderbirds interactive Tracey Island


Over 40 actions and rescue sounds, this is a must have for any Thunderbirds fan. Interactive parts with movable swimming pool and brains laboratory. Based on original International rescue set, this uses smart technology to launch sequences you see in the show.

Real FX – Race Cars with Artificial Intelligence

real fx


Real FX is unique in the sense that there is no slots for the remote control cars, its all operated like a video game. You can overtake opponents and deal with blow outs and track hazards just like a computer game. The game is fitted with state of the art infrared Opto sensors which read the track at 200 times per second.

Lego Deep Sea exploration Vessel


The latest LEGO City model has lots of interaction to keep you entertained. It has the latest high tech diving equipment, which means you can launch a remote sub and scuba scooter and even lower exploratory submarine into the water. There’s a shark tank, Octopus and gold bars from a sunken ship.

Pie Face

pie face

This kids’ board game is a game of nerves, with players taking turns to load the throwing arm with squirty cream or a wet cream, and placing their head in the frame. The suspense builds as they turn the handle, hoping not to be splatted in the face!

Minions Tumbling Stuart

20194 Tumblin Stuart pack-zoom

Ideal for fans of the original Despicable Me Movie, Minion Stuart says lots of funny phrases and sounds. Minion Stuart responds to your voice, and will keep tumbling and rising over and over again.

Little Live Pets Cleverkeets

little live pets cleverkeets

Little Live Pet Cleverkeet is an interactive, singing, talking pet bird . Cleverkeet will talk and respond just like a real bird and even sings and dances. You can even detach him and carry him around.

Disney’s Frozen Sing along Elsa


Interactive Elsa figurine who sings full version of Frozen hit “Let it go”. Child can take turns to play full or instrumental version of the song to join in.

My friend Freddy


Fully interactive Teddy. Parents can cleverly download free app to ios or android device to games and to input information about their child to create bears unique personality. Freddy will talk and giggle when tipped upside down, thrown in the air or ticked.

Star wars the Force awakens millennium Falcon


This iconic star-ship from the Star Wars saga returns in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The Millennium Falcon is slimmer, more detailed and has been updated with even more features.
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