The perfect poached egg!

Have you ever wondered how you could impress people by making one of the hardest meals in the world? Yes it’s true, according to the Daily Mail only one in three students don’t know how to cook an egg properly, this is something at Lead News we hope to try and rectify! There are 7 ways to cook an egg, but we are going to give you some top tips for cooking the perfect poached egg!

Poached eggs are cooked in boiled water outside of the egg casing, whatever you do don’t put the egg in the pan still inside the shell, that would become a boiled egg! So, before you get cooking here are some of the ingredients that you need!poached egg free 2

  1. An egg that is in date!
  2. Some cider vinegar (trust us it’s true)
  3. Some water in a pan!

Now that part is simple, now for the method and the top tips!

  1. Firstly place some water into a pan and bring it almost to the boil.
  2. Crack the egg carefully and don’t break the yoke! Keep it intact and place it carefully in a cup.
  3. Add a few drops of cider vinegar to the water as it is heating up, stir it in a little too!
  4. When you notice some bubbles starting to form at the bottom of the pan it’s time to get ready to cook the egg!
  5. Stir the water in a circular motion, you want a whirlpool effect but whatever you do be careful as the water is super hot!
  6. Once the water is in a whirlpool poor in the egg from the cup; do it carefully and pour it directly into the middle of the whirlpool from about 3 cm’s off the surface.

Poached egg free
Now, when you reach this point it’s really important to keep your eye on the egg; when the whirlpool stops you will notice that the egg will ‘curl’ up in the water, this is where you feel like a master chef! Don’t let the water boil aggressively but keep the heat on. After approximately 3 minutes remove the egg from the water using a kitchen utensil.

Add some salt and pepper, maybe some cheese on top and some toast on the side and there you go, a top quality breakfast!


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