The Mystery of Myanmar!

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is a small nation situation in South East Asia. Once known for it’s political challenges and civil wars, Myanmar has always been a nation full of mystery waiting to be explored!

Over 40 million people live in Myanmar in an area slightly larger than the United Kingdom. The nation’s main religion is Buddhism but it also has a growing Christian population as well as Muslims that have emigrated to the nation from the West.

Following the conclusion of mush of the Civil unrest, Myanmar is now a growing tourist destination, with hundreds of the thousands visiting from all over the world each year. Myanmar is now also becoming a popular backpacking location with many students visiting during their ‘year out’s before either returning to University or embarking on they working careers. The capital of Myanmar boasts it’s main airport, Yangon (formerly Rangoon) and is home to the government and main economic hub of the nation.

As a destination, the nation is full of history, from the golden towers of what is known as the largest Buddhist temple in the world in Yangon, to the rural and more traditional areas of Mandalay. The people of Myanmar are friendly and hospitable and will always welcome tourists.

So what to watch out for if you are travelling to Myanmar. Well as with all developing nations there are some practical points that you should follow to make sure that you get the most out of your holiday. Here are some of our top tips for travelling to this amazing and mysterious nation.

1. Buy lots of sealed drinking water. Myanmar is developing in the main city areas but as with all developing nations it is always advisable to buy water that is bottled and sealed with plastic covering.

2. Bring lots of light clothing. Myanmar has it’s rainy seasons but even at the heights of these times of the year it is still very hot with temperatures that can soar in excess of 40 degrees. Bring sun cream, after sun and try to stay out of the midday heat.

3. Bring cash. Make sure that when you travel to Myanmar that you bring the majority of your money is crisp, brand new US Dollar notes. Believe it or not, if your money doesn’t look new they won’t accept it! Many hotels and restaurants also don’t have card reading machines so be prepared that cash is essential.

4. Hotels are important. Make sure that you stay in a good hotel. Nothing in Myanmar is very expensive, so make sure that you stay somewhere that is reviewed on Trip Advisor so that you know what you are going to get.

5. Street food. We all love street food, however as with any developing country it is best to steer clear as you never quite know what is in the meal. Some Burmese eat animals that may not agree with Western digestive systems so best air on the side of caution with that one.

Finally, take lots of pictures, make lots of reviews and tell the world about your experiences of Myanmar. The nation is full of amazing potential and experiences that will change your life forever.

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