Talk Talk Customers at risk following Cyber Attack

Talk Talk chief executive Baroness Dido Harding has announced that earlier this week Talk Talk was a victim of a large scale cyber attack which resulted in the theft of around 600,000 customer’s data.

Speaking on BBC news, Harding announced that the company believed it right to tell their customers about the security breach on the national news, stating that sending 4 million emails to their customers would quite simply take too long.

Working with the police and security services, Talk Talk are now investigating the incident, this however has left customers dismayed and concerned about their private information, most worryingly their payment information.

The BBC News reported that in the wake of the incident, shares in Talk Talk had dropped by a staggering 10% since the breach occurred on Wednesday. Today, the Information Commissioner has announced that data protection should be an absolute priority and there should be wider awareness and intervention in order to prevent further incidents of this nature occurring.

So how do hackers breach some of the strongest security online systems? In this case, attackers are believed to have utilised an approach known as a DDoS, this stands for a distributed denial of service attack. This approach is where attackers will send significant volumes of website traffic to their victims website to cause it to collapse. The BBC have learnt that this could have been a tactic to divert the attention of Talk Talk’s security team whilst the attackers got to work on their main priority to steal data.

Appearing on BBC news today, Barbara Manely, a Talk Talk customer stated that as a result of the attack on Wednesday she had been a victim of theft, with her bank account been emptied of substantial sums of money.

If you feel that you have been a victim of cyber crime then you should contact the police with as much information as possible without delay.

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