Praise for dynamic duo from leading businesses and thought leaders

Two mavericks of the television world have received high praise from business leaders and entrepreneurs across the UK thanks to their hard work and efforts in creating growth in their companies.

The dilemma that today’s business leaders face is how to deliver long-term sustainable growth, competing not only in a regional and national market but an international one.

Dean Seddon and Jonathan Hulton quit working with a global television channel to help small companies grow their business and their brand. The pair has worked on large marketing and development projects both in the UK and across the globe, some of their notable projects being an event at Wembley Stadium as well as growing revenue for a global network.

In 2015 iMARVEL! was founded by the business partners to provide consultancy and creative services to growing and developing businesses in the UK. Working as an impressive duo and leading a multi-skilled creative team, Mr Seddon and Mr Hulton successfully lay out a compelling framework by which to judge how to best fill capability gaps and position companies for growth.

Stuart Dyke, Director of Satori UK Ltd, expressed how his company has grown thanks to iMARVEL!:

“[They] have given us the confidence to use the tools to grow our business. Email marketing has proven a real boost to our business, our open rates were in excess of 20% and we now are using email more to make sales to grow our brand.”

The co-founders are passionate about supporting start-ups and developing companies who are taking themselves to the next level of growth, Dean Seddon shares:

“We’ve worked in the corporate environment, but we are passionate about supporting SME’s and businesses which are founder-led. We have raised millions in revenue for others and we want to put all our energy into marketing and developing smaller businesses. Sure, we could charge up to £10,000 per day working for corporate bodies; but that isn’t our passion. We charge £3,000 per day but we know we can add 10 or 20 times that in value to an SME.

Jonathan Hulton, a former Police officer, communication and media executive, believes that businesses need to invest in their brand and strategy in order to see the real profit and revenue results they want:

“Brand is key to growth. If your business cannot be remembered, you will not be in the running with a prospective client. Over the last year we have worked with start-ups through to multi-million turnover businesses and the important two elements of growing the profits and revenue are; understanding your customer and building a strategy to engage them.”

Since it’s inception iMARVEL! has grown quickly working with over 100 clients and now employs 12 people full-time. In its first year, the business was nominated for an award backed by Newspaper giant Trinity Mirror.

“We are pleased with our success so far. We have a great team and work with some great people and great companies. We have completed work for Nuffield Health, Holiday Inn as well as lots of smaller and more regional businesses; we love to help build businesses,” Dean Seddon explained and continued to say, “One of our recent successes was helping one of our client’s reposition and attract more clients. They were inundated with leads and are working on a £250,000 project right now as a result of our consultancy and support.”

The iMARVEL! leaders are hoping to continue with the same great success into the new year and are confident that the can help any business with the important strategic issues in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected business world.

If you lead a business and are looking at how to make the most of your marketing and brand, you can make an enquiry to the iMARVEL! team today. If you complete the form below, it will be forwarded to their team and they will contact you to discuss how they can help in more detail

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