Mystery of mummified sailor found floating in the Philippine sea

A sailor not sighted since 2009 has been discovered by two men in a mummified state aboard his yacht in the Philippine Sea, around 60 miles from Barabo.

Police identified him as Manfred Fritz Bajorat aged 59, from identity documents found on board. His body had been perfectly preserved in a mummified state, slumped over his desk. Experts believe that warm dry current’s, fresh salty air and hot weather have helped to delay his dead body from decomposing.

The sailors personal belongings inside the yacht were scattered with the yacht’s radio, GPS and other valuable items still there.

Authorities do not suspect criminal activity at play behind his death, but believe he may have died from a heart attack given the slumped position of his body. Some say that he may have died trying to contact help as a last ditch attempt at being rescued, with the cabin telephone close to him.

Manfred has been reportedly sailing around the world in his yacht, the Sayo, for 20 years, although it is unknown how long he had been drifting at sea in his deceased state.

Detectives are trying to contact his friends and family in Germany to try and piece together his last movements.


Images – Barabo Station

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