Millions of people will go under the knife, but what happens when all goes wrong?

In 2013 the Daily Mail reported that a study poll revealed that there were at the time 20,000 registered plastic surgeons worldwide and that in that year alone over 15 million people world-wide went under the knife to improve various aspects of their body and appearance. With many surgeries offering credit facilities, these procedures have never been more sought after, making the procedures that were once for the rich and famous accessible to everyone regardless of income level.

Cosmetic surgery or ‘plastic surgery’ as it is commonly known is more popular than ever, with millions of people undergoing cosmetic surgery each year; mistakes and poor skill on the part of the surgeon are the worst nightmare of patients.

The recently broadcast ‘Botched up Bodies’ series on Channel 5 showcased some examples of poor surgical handiwork. The program estimates that 2 million people will undergo cosmetic surgery between 2015 and 2016, but with only 24% of people checking the credentials of their surgeon, it is not surprising that many experience negative effects when they wake up.

“Every year we see an increasing number of claims arising from a variety of poorly executed surgical procedures. Patients expect that when they ‘go under the knife’ they are provided with the highest level of care, support and skill especially when they pay considerable sums of money towards such procedures. The effects of poor cosmetic surgery can change someone’s life forever both on a psychological and physiological level; we do what we can to help when these situations occur. Complications include chemical burns, mis-shaped implant procedures, and nerve damage through poor surgery” said Rachel Eyre, Head of Clinical Negligence at Roper James Solicitors.

Whilst many of the adverse effects of botched cosmetic surgery can be corrected the emotional and psychological scars sometimes can take years to heal and in some instances has left people with issues of body dismorphia, depression and low self esteem.

The most popular cosmetic surgery in the UK in 2011 was Lipoplasty where body fat is sucked out from under the skin. Over 95,000 of these procedures took place in 2011 which were closely followed by 19,000 breast enlargements. So what conditions arise from poor plastic surgery?

If you have undergone cosmetic surgery that did not go according to plan then you may also be entitled to compensation. Roper James Solicitors are highly experienced legal professionals. If you would like confidential advice or guidance on how to claim compensation as a result of a procedure that did not go according to plan then please complete the form below and a member of their team will be in contact with you to discuss further.

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