Migrants receive additional help

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) over 650,000 migrants have reached the shores of the European Union in the past 6 months causing tremendous strain to the 26 Schengen areas of the continent. Germany has taken the vast majority of migrants, reach the astonishing figure of over 220,000 asylum applications by the end of August of this year. Hungary have now become the second highest home for the migrants where almost 100,000 have sought asylum by the end of July, mounting continued pressure of EU leaders to establish a solution to the problem which shows no end of slowing down as winter approaches.Infographic migration crisis

Over the weekend EU leaders agreed to create an additional 100,000 spaces in refugee reception centres in order to safeguard those that have made the journey over thousands of miles and are now faced with the winter temperatures. This will of course provide safety and warmth to those that have made the journey, but still leaves the question of the longer term solution to the problem.

Syria, Kosovo and Afghanistan are the three main leading nations from where Migrants are travelling from, with Albania, Iraq and Pakistan following closely behind. With the UK assisting in the Migrant Crisis by providing 20,000 asylum places for those situated close to their country of origin, debate rages in some UK communities on both sides of the discussion. With many claiming that the government is not doing enough, an equal number claims that they have done too much causing a debate in the political arena.

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