MET office warn of severe flooding and windstorms this Christmas

The MET office has briefed transport and council chiefs on what looks to be a severe weather warning from November to January.

Parts of the U.K are currently experiencing gales of up to 70 mph, with officials expecting torrential rain and windstorms over the Christmas period.UK_snow_February_2,_2009_img008

Government officials say that there is a very real risk of severe flooding as conditions are set to be much wetter than normal for the next three months, with up to triple the volume of rainfall for this time of the year.

El Nino, the warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean, causes world weather patterns to change drastically by heating the atmosphere near the America’s,causing the phenomenon.

There may be up to a foot and a half of rain from November to January, which could even surpass the infamous flooding of 2013 to 14 where 465 mm of rain fell during the winter months.


We can brace ourselves for freezing December/ January conditions this year after last years comparatively mild conditions. January 2013 recorded up to -13.6C temperatures due to the effects of El- Nino.


“WSI Meterologist Dr Todd Crawford said that this years El – Nino was the strongest since at least 1948. The statement was echoed by the Met Office whom also refereed back to the 1948 records predicting the strongest El- Nino on record.

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