Life like Robot woman created in Tokyo

Hollywood has long capitilised on the public’s fascination for all things robot. The popularity of movies such as Terminator and Transformers have only but cemented this view.

A fascinatingly life like female robot has been created in Japan by Professor Yoshio Matsumoto of the National Institute of Science and Technology in Tokyo. He refers to the robot as a germanoid as it distinctly replicates human behaviour and operates independantly.

The 5ft 6inch germanoid has been named  Actroid F, and looks identical to a human being, even responding to eye contact, and body language.


Experiments involving Actroid F and humans have been conducted by Roboticist Dr Silvera-Tawil, to find out just how life like the machine is. Participants were tested to find out the length of time it took to discover that she wasn’t  in fact human. Interaction was tested, from social engagement, actions, movements and body language.

Comments from participants ranged from the robot being “attractive” and “sexy” to people feeling anxious and unnerved.

Actroid F certainly looks lifelike, innovation in robotic technology could see a real future where humans and robots co-exist.





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