Top ten cutest animals online

Nothing melts the heart more than a cute feline or a rambunctious little pup, but the internet boom has seen these furry little critters having their cuteness documented for the all the world to see.

Adorable animals on video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vine and Reddit can reduce even the hardest heart of stone into a ball of mush, and make you hit replay for endless hours of amusement!

The antics of these animated fur-balls are not just limited to home video, these pets are bonafide stars in their own right, starring in commercials and movies, and have a dedicated fan base. Prepare for cuteness overload!

10)  Prince

One of the first ever animal stars from the seventies, way before the internet even existed. His catchphrase “Sausages” inspired a Walls campaign.


9) Sonya

This adorable Slow Loris had us melting with her giggling arms raised after being tickled. Despite being poisonous and potentially fatal to humans, we couldn’t help but laugh.

8) Glitzy

Child Pageant reality star’s Honey Boo often has her miniature piglet dressed in tutus and cute outfits. She turned the tables when she had a mega tantrum on the telly. Essential viewing.

7) Lovely Owl

Owls are not always seen as cuddly cute creatures but “Lovely Owl” is the exception as she loves to be stroked … just watch her response!

6) Lil Bubz

As a nation of miniature lovers nothing warms our hearts more than anything tiny Lil bubs the “permakitten”, first getting her break at the Tribeca Online festival where she won Best feature film for her 2013 documentary Lil Bubz and friends

5) Pumpkin & Hufflepuff

This delectable video of these two African Pigmy hedgehogs getting scrubbed in the bath made us swoon with cuteness overload.

4) Boo the Dog
Reality TV superstar Khloe Kardashian has dubbed Boo “the worlds cutest dog”. The Pomeranian pooch has more than 15 million Facebook likes, and has a huge following due to her distinctive hair cut and overall cuteness.

3) Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is probably one of the most famous felines on the net to date. She has a constant sour expression which has earned her over seven million likes on Facebook and a front page on the Wall Street Journal, as well as the cover of New York Magazine. This cat is a bonafide Hollywood star.

2) Buttercup
Buttercup is one of the cutest sloths on the planet, and the first rescued by the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. She sleeps all day and eats flowers.

  1. Maru

At number 1 we have Maru.  She lives in Japan and has had thousands of YouTube hits, because of her cheeky playfulness. She’s one of the original cat sensations on youtube for a reason.


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