Iceland revealed as world’s best diet with U.K trailing

A recent documentary by Channel 4, investigated the world’s best diets, and the results may surprise you.

Although some European countries fared quite well, the U.K did not make the top 10 list. In fact researchers for ‘The Lancet Global Health’ journal, found richer countries such as the U.K and U.S to have very poor diets and eating habits.


Japanese diet


The T.V. show remarkably revealed Iceland to have the worlds healthiest diet due to its high volume of fresh fish, locally produced high quality meat and dairy products. Surprisingly fruit and vegetables were lacking in the icelandic diet. An interview with the Icelandic star of BBC’s ‘Lazy town’  lead to disclosing his age to be 50, leaving our moves gaping to the true anti-aging properties of the diet.


Magnus Scheving ‘Lazy Town’


Unsurprisingly Italy and the Mediterranean diet featured very highly, with the presenters visiting the Italian town of Campodimele to learn about their diet secrets. This little town has astounded experts from around the world, as cholesterol levels in people living in this town, was lower than in new-born babies! Average life expectancy was into the hundreds, so what’s their secret?

Copious amounts of Olive oil, fresh preserved passata, homemade pasta, legumes and chicken. Sounds like a calorific feast but the difference in this diet is the lack of packaging and processed foods. Almost everybody farms their own land in this town, with wheat, tomatoes, olives growing well due to the rich soil and climate. The elderly are also very physically active with men and women chopping wood with the same strength as 18 year olds.



Ethiopia featured highly due it’s lack of meat and high volumes of vegetables and legumes. Countries such as South Korea, although fared well but not as highly as countries with a Med type diet.

Diet ranking according to Documentary



3. Greece

4.Seventh Day Adventist diet (Religious group)

5. Japan

6.Sweden,Norway,Denmark (joint position)

7.Kuna Indians (Panama)

8. France

9. Spain

10. The Netherlands

The top 5 diets show similarities in terms of eating high quality meat, with very little processing throughout.  One of the key factors in improving your diet is knowing exactly where your food comes from, and we don’t mean your local McDonalds.

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