Delayed Flight? Airline passengers missing out on millions.

Have you been delayed by your airline? Despite an EU ruling millions of passengers across Europe have still not claimed the statutory entitlement to compensation. Many have dismissed claiming assuming that it is not worth their time however the compensation can be as much as £450 per passenger. 

In this article we explain what the ruling covers so that you can decide if you would like to claim what you are entitled to.

In a recent airline survey by the consumer group Which? less than half of people surveyed said they had claimed compensation for delayed flights. According to Which? delayed airline passengers could be missing out on millions of pounds of compensation.

EU regulation 261/2004 states that airlines carrying passengers within Europe are required to compensate customers if their flight is cancelled, overbooked or held up for more than three hours. The compensation levels have been set by the EU ruling with a minimum compensation of £190 per passenger rising to £450 for flights over 3500 km in distance.  Any passenger whose flight was delayed for over 3 hours and departed from an airport in the EU or any flight where the airline is based in the EU is eligible.

As an example a delayed flight from Gatwick to Malaga, for a family of four would be eligible to claim £300 (€400) per passenger. Many who have claimed compensation have used the money to book for their next holiday!

One of the reasons for introducing the compensation is to protect passengers from losses as result of overbooking and motivate airlines to operate their flights promptly. Last year, in UK alone almost one million passengers suffered a delay of 3 hours or more.

We have heard many stories from passengers who have struggled to reclaim the money from their airlines. Recently an airline held back all compensation payments until the outcome of an appeal against the EU ruling. This was deemed unfair and the appeal was dismissed. Some passengers have been trying to claim for two years and still not received the compensation. In some cases airlines have blamed technical issues which the CAA has subsequently ruled were invalid reasons for withholding compensation.

“We couldn’t get anywhere claiming directly from the airline. After completing your
online application which took no more than a couple of seconds we spoke to one of your
friendly advisors who took the details in no more that 5 minutes. I put my case in
your hands. A couple of months later all 6 of us have been paid out. So simple so easy,
couldn’t ask for more – will recommend you to family and friends, anyone I know that
experiences a flight delay. Thank you.”

Every year, thousands of travellers are left distressed and out of pocket by airlines; Unfortunately, they often dismiss customers who contact them directly to complain. The regulation also applies retrospectively and can be applied to flights going back to 2005 although generally claims less than six years are the most successful.

Lead News has launched a claim form where any passenger can submit their details in less than 30 seconds. Your claim will be processed and managed by a trained flight delay specialist (no middle men) without the need for you to contact the airline or tour operator yourself. This is a no win no fee service and many of the claims which have been processed through Lead News have received their compensation within a matter of weeks!

Once you submit the form a specialist will contact you for a short chat to confirm the details and confirm the next steps. Don’t miss out on what you may be entitled to as a result of a delayed flight.

“I was rather sceptical when I first filled in the online application form. It was a case of why not? there is nothing to lose. I was pleasantly surprised when a settlement cheque came through the post within 4 weeks just it time to pay my deposit on my next holiday.”

Complete the form below and your claim will be processed a flight delay specialist. Don’t worry we will not pass or sell your details to data houses. In less than 30 seconds you can start your claim for your delayed flight.

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