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Delayed Flight? If you have been delayed by more than 3 hours you are entitled to claim up to £410 from your airline.

My airline is not based in Europe can I still claim?
Yes. The EU rules cover any flight departing from the European Union and any flight arriving in the EU if the airline is based in a member state. This means the vast majority of flights are covered.

How long does it take?
Once you submit the form a trained legal expert will contact you to confirm details. Once those details are confirmed your claim will be submitted. Each airline operates differently some sending compensation in as little as 2-3 weeks.

The airline has told me I cannot claim, is this true?
If you complete the form a legal expert will be able to asses the validity of your claim. The internet is full of similar stories who have been advised they do not have a claim and subsequently discover that they did have a valid claim. The claims process is all handled for you and is a quick and straightforward process.

Are there any fees involved?
The claim is processed on your behalf by a trained legal professional on an no-win, no-fee basis so there is no upfront cost to you. The people handling your claim will provide you with a clear breakdown of the cost before you proceed. 

If you would like someone to look at your individual flight and circumstances, please complete the form below and your claim will be processed by one of our panel of legal experts. Don’t worry we will not pass or sell your details to data houses. Once completed you’ll receive a confirmation by email along with further details of your claim.

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