Dartmoor Lynx out of quarantine and ready to be seen

PUTTING one paw forward, the infamous Dartmoor Lynx takes his first steps into his new enclosure at Dartmoor Zoo.

After nine weeks in quarantine, Flaviu, the two-year old Carpathian lynx is due to have his first weekend outside of his den and ready to be seen by the public.

Following Flaviu’s return to the Zoo after three weeks in the wild, it was important that he spent time in a secluded enclosure away from other animals and members of the public. Benjamin Mee, Zoo Director and animal psychologist said: “He’s had a few days to settle in to the new environment and has been exploring every corner.

“We kept him in quarantine because when he was in the wild, he mixed with other animals and we have been advised to keep him in quarantine for six weeks at a minimum.”

Over the past couple of months the Dartmoor Zoo team has spent time modifying Flaviu’s old enclosure to put a roof on it and reinforced the walls of his sleeping quarters.

Benjamin Mee shared that he and the team are very excited to have Flaviu out of quarantine: “We have had a lot of people contact the zoo to say they want to come and see him. He’s quite a famous lynx now.

“That’s why I wanted to be careful about letting him out too early because I don’t want him to be startled. We want him to relax and not feel too crowded.”

Benjamin Mee confirmed that with the lynx settled and growing in confidence with his new home, they are excited to announce that he will be paired with a mate in the coming months.

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