Delayed Flight? Your airline may owe you some money!

At least 9,000 flights are delayed for three hours or more each year, with an average of 97 passengers on each flight, that’s almost 1 million people each year that are disrupted on their holidays and business trips causing chaos with their arrangements!

What is worse that when you are delayed, some customers are provided a small voucher which barely covers a sandwich! This causes terrible difficulties especially for families with small children, or other elderly travelers.

For some people such as Sheila, the experiences of delayed flights were horrendous; “I booked a holiday in August to Salt Lake City, with a return connecting flight back from Amsterdam to Bristol! Plane overbooked, waited 8 hours for a flight to get me back! I’m 62 was travelling on my own! In tears and exhausted.”

Another dreadful story relates to Craig who said; “We were booked on the early morning flight to Copenhagen and were due to leave for the airport with two young children. At 2am when we received a text saying our flight had been cancelled, this was at three minutes past midnight!! No help re-booking, no Compensation, hardly an apology and then could get the same flight booked for another 4 days!”.


EU regulation 261/2004 states that airlines carrying passengers within Europe are required to compensate customers if their flight is cancelled, overbooked or held up for more than three hours, in short if you meet those criteria, you need to be making an enquiry to recover what you are entitled to! You can also claim if you were travelling to or from the EU anywhere in the world, for example if you fly from Gatwick to Dalaman in Turkey then you are covered; if you travel from Heathrow to New York and were delayed by over 3 hours then you are covered, if you travel from Tunisia to Nigeria then you wouldn’t be covered.

In short, you could claim up to upto €600 per person, that is enough to pay for your next holiday! Most airlines will settle your claim within 4-6 weeks so it can also be very quick once the claim is in motion.

You can try to claim the compensation yourself; however complex legal arguments, excuses and flat out refusal resulting in an appeal to the CAA can be daunting. It has even been known that some airlines or package holiday providers will respond to you in their native language.

One success story shared with us by Lisa was as follows; “We were delayed 12 hours in Tenerife got put up in a 5* hotel for the night. Phoned up a few months later with my flight number and received £2300 in my account within a week!”

Lead News has a dedicated claim form you can use to make a claim in less than 30 seconds. Your claim will be processed and managed by a professional law firm (no middle men) without the need for you to contact the airline or tour operator yourself saving the headache of the process. Once you submit the form a legal expert will contact you for a short chat to confirm the details and begin your claim.

Have you been delayed for over 3 hours?

Was it within the last 6 years?

Did you fly to or from an airport in the European Union?

If you answered YES to the above you may have a valid claim.

  • Up to £410* / €600 compensation per person
  • No win no fee* – and no initial fee to pay!
  • Specialists in flight compensation claims
  • No hassle or complicated process.

We have processed hundreds of claims on behalf of passengers with some receiving their compensation within 3-4 weeks.

Complete the form below and we’ll process your claim.

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