Caught in a hurricane?

What happens when you are caught in a hurricane in a foreign country? We have all seen this week the devastation caused by hurricane Patricia in Mexico, but these events take place all over the world. In 2014 one of the Lead News team was caught in a Cyclone in Myanmar, the Cyclone which had reportedly built up over Bangladesh and South East Asia smashed into the country causing devastation in some of the worst floods in decades.2014-11-06 10.24.14

As you will see from the images below the issues that caused the most devastation were not the high winds although this did lead to an outage of power; the main problems were as a result of flooding and poor sanitation as a result.

“I decided to take a walk on the street to film some video updates but I was warned by locals that leeches, snakes and sewage were major problems and that in the interests of health and safety I should stay indoors, I didn’t expect that one and thought it best to listen!”.

“Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places on earth, certainly one of the most fascinating places I have ever traveled to, what is clear is that this freak weather has caused significant damage to the local economy and ruined the lines of many people; that said, the recovery effort is very positive and I am sure that they will begin rebuilding the country as soon as the waters die down” said Jonathan Hulton of Lead News.

In light of the issues with Hurricane Patricia, what advice would we have for anyone that finds themselves in such conditions? Well, having learnt what we have from our own team here are three top tips that you should adhere to if caught in flooding, or natural disasters whilst on holiday.2014-11-06 07.43.07

  1. Stay indoors and listen to locals! You may not understand the language but if they wave at you frantically and try to persuade you not to go to certain areas , best to listen!
  2. Move to high ground in times of flooding, and low ground in high winds. Don’t be tempted to venture outside to take pictures, you could get seriously hurt!
  3. If you have time to leave the area before the weather hits, then do so calmly and quickly. The less people that are around the better!

Very basic tips that you will probably need to utilise but you never know!

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