Earthquake of 7.7 on the Richter scale hits Afghanistan

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake has just struck in Afghanistan causing devastation throughout the region. The Times India has reported than tremors have been felt in New Delhi and the Northern Capital region. Reports are still coming in, Sky News report approximately 4 people killed in Pakistan.

In 2005 a magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan-administered Kashmir saw more than 75,000 deaths.

Update: 10:16 – The US Geological survey now report that the earthquake registered as 7.7 on the Richter scale.

Update 10:23 – National disaster management authority has reported casualties in the remote districts of Badakhshan.

Update 10:31 – Full extent not yet known although reports of collapsed buildings are now reported in Pakistan.

Update: 10:35 – @skymetweather report at least 12 dead, more than 150 injured with the figure likely to rise. The earthquake is believed to have occurred at the depth of 203 km at 09:09:32 local time in the Hindu Kush mountains, a dangerous and inaccessible area of Afghanistan.

Update: 11:04 – Communications in the area of the earthquake are badly damage. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coordinating the Indian response to the disaster.

Update 11:08 – The Washington Post’s Tim Craig reports that the earthquake hit a region of Pakistan that is handling a major incident following heavy snowfall.

Update 11:24 – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers assistance to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Update 11:29 – JUST IN – 12 pupils at a school in Takhar province in Afghanistan were killed in a stampede as they ran from a shaking building during the earthquake.

Update 11:56 – According to the Guardian Online, International aid organisation CARE has said it is very concerned by the earthquake’s impact on poor and vulnerable people, particularly internally displaced people in Afghanistan. Christina Northey, CARE country director in Afghanistan, said:

“Obviously the situation is going to be much worse for poor and vulnerable people, particularly those who have been displaced by the conflict. Plus winter is starting and there has been a noticeable drop in temperature over the past few days”.

Update 12:12Various officials told AFP. Eight children were known to be among the dead in Pakistan.

Image credit AFP

Image credit AFP




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