Asda opts out of Black Friday sales

Shopper’s havGray_Thursday_KF_Walmarte been disappointed as WalMart giant Asda have decided not to participate in the discounted sale day known as Black Friday.

Black Friday sales originate from the U.S. and is well known to be a day where shoppers can purchase goods at heavily discounted prices. The American company Walmart were the first to introduce the event to the U.K in 2013 through the supermarket chain Asda.

The chain stated that it would not participate in the discount day this year due to the last few years disappointing sales from consumers reluctant to spend heavily at Christmas. Asda’s Chief executive Andy Clarke said that they were keen to listen to consumer views and that stepping away from the event was not about Black Friday itself.

black friday

Police were called out last year to try to control the sales as shoppers were scuffling and fighting in desperation to bag a pre -Christmas deal.  The Black Friday chaos did not go unnoticed by the supermarket who said feedback suggested people did not enjoy scuffling to bag deals in one day seasonal sales.

The retail giant was keen to reassure shoppers that they will still get value for money as instead of investing in one off sales they were planning to invest £26m in savings across the Christmas shopping period.

Helen Dickenson, Chief executive for the British Retail Consortium (BRC) reported that sales in usually profitable October were ‘disappointing’ and could be due to consumers holding out for Black Friday, falls on 27th November this year.

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