Aesthetic beauty is booming after salon and clinic partnership

Satori Salons – Plymouth’s Premier Beauty Salon – announced their partnership with Hartley Clinic – the experts in providing lifestyle and aesthetic treatments.

The partnership provides clients with the ease of accessing treatments such as Dermal Fillers, Wrinkle Reduction and Boutique Teeth Whitening from two trusted businesses. Seeing both salon and clinic come together to offer such treatments demonstrates the demand and interest in aesthetic therapy by the everyday consumer and no longer the elite.

Treatments are performed in the comfort of Satori at Drake Circus in Plymouth, where clients can be reassured that their lifestyle treatment is being carried out by trained and qualified professionals, who care about your journey with them.

Satori co-owner Natasha Griffin said: “We consider our service to be exceptional in this area of aesthetic beauty as we put our customers at the heart of the experience. From ensuring all questions are answered in the consultations with Dr Charlie Fox, to being wholly at ease with the Aesthetic Therapist, who is focused on achieving your expectations of your chosen treatment.”

Satori are proud of the level of detail and care they take with their service, especially in a growing market where you want to ensure you have the best licensed practitioners possible. They promise that all their customers will always have access to their team of aesthetic professionals for any follow up queries post treatment, with Satori being open every day, you can always speak with one of the beauty therapists.


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