Adele Rap’s a ‘Nicki Minaj’ track like a pro on James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke – Must see!

Adele has had undoubtedly the biggest selling single and album of the year with her first single release “Hello” reaching almost catastrophic level’s of success. Her smooth, and mesmerising vocal abilities need no introduction, however she recently showed another, completely different side to her musical talents.

She showcased this interesting side to her musical abilities on James Corden’s massively popular ‘Carpool Karaoke”. His Carpool Karaoke from ‘The late late show with James Corden’ has had huge guest stars such as Justin Beiber, Jennifer Hudson, and Mariah Carey. But just when you thought that it literally couldn’t get any better, Corden pulls a trump with his Carpool Karaoke session with Adele.

The session see’s them sing along to some of her biggest hits as well as seeing Adele reminisce about her childhood musical idols prompting a sing-a-long with the classic Spice Girls hit ‘Wannabe’. She revealed that she was a big Spice Girls fan as a youngster and would often have parties whereby she was ‘Ginger Spice’ and remembers being ‘heartbroken’ when Geri left the band.

At one point in the car, Cordon tells Adele that he had heard that she had a secret talent for rapping, and in quintessential Adele style she responds in her Cockney guvna accent, “Yeah, I can do others but not me own’. She then proceeds to rap Nicki Minaj’s part on the track Monster produced by Kanye West. She expertly raps word perfect, complete with Jamaican twang, and finger swaying action.

Nicki Minaj herself shared the video on instagram and tweeted her obvious approval saying “Pull thru, QUEEN!!!!!”

Minaj also praised Adele’s choreography, saying, “The attitude & fingers to match. #Oh #Ok #IcoNic. I cried when she waved bye to the careers.”

We must say that we agree with Minaj, is there seriously any end to the talents of Miss Adele? #JawDrop

Source – StewieBollis,  The late late show with James Corden, Youtube

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