Billions of pounds in compensation ignored by employees that are in fear of losing their jobs!

constructionworkersAccording to the HSE government statistics website, there were approximately 78,000 reported accidents at work that took place between 2013/2014 with around £14.2 billion pounds worth of damages incurred. It is estimated that over 28% of workplace accidents occur at ground level (22,000) which involve a slip on a wet surface, a trip on an object left in a precarious position or on a road surface; a further 24% are related to lifting and carrying (19,000). Other causes also include twists and minor cuts to broken limbs, burns, bruising and inhalation of dangerous substances.

So what if you do sustain an injury at work? With over £14.2 billion in compensation paid out between 2013/2014 it seems strange that more do not claim what they are entitled to in order to help them recover lost earnings and suitable remuneration for the difficulties they experience owing to the fault of someone else.
A common misunderstanding that victims have is that their employer will simply not pay them compensation, or they will penalise them for claiming. Many employers can take advantage of this misunderstanding and can go to incredible lengths to keep you from the compensation that you deserve as a claimant! Here is what you need to know; most companies are insured under their employer’s liability insurance policies. This means that it is not actually your employer that pays out your compensation, it would be their insurers! If more people were aware of this then it would make a tremendous difference to them seeking the compensation that they are entitled to.

“Many people suffer injuries during their working life as a result of someone else’s negligence; these injuries can have a short, medium and often a long term effect upon their life leading to a loss of income and lower quality of life” said Tim Roper, Director at Roper James Solicitors.


“We have heard terrible stories of individuals who have had their lives changed as a result of serious accidents at work, we would encourage those people to contact a solicitor to discuss their circumstances as early intervention from a legal expert can make all of the difference” said Mr David James, Director at Roper James.

There are some key points to be aware of when considering making a claim for compensation once you have had an accident at work. For example the accident must have happened within three years of the date you realised your injury was work related. It sounds ridiculous but some people don’t realise that they have been injured until years after the event; these can be conditions such as industrial deafness or asbestos inhalation. A cut finger from an open blade however or a pulled back from heavy lifting are straight forwards to note as you know the exact date.

It’s really important that you act as soon as possible once you know you have been injured at work. Normally a solicitor will advise you to record the injury in the accident book at your office, attend the doctor to seek treatment and then contact them, but that said it is not always the case. The best thing once you have been injured is to contact your solicitor as they will be able to give you best advice possible to safeguard your position.

If you have had an accident at work in the last three years, please complete the form below and your claim will be processed by the Roper James  team. They will discuss your accident with you and advise you of the next steps. Don’t worry we will not pass or sell your details to data houses.

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